Members of the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia delivered a highly compelling message of safety developed by the founders of End Distracted Driving, to dozens of David Thompson students last Friday.

End Distracted Driving was created by Joel Feldman and his wife Dianne after their daughter Casey, 21, was killed as a result of being struck by a car while walking in a crosswalk.

“Distracted driving is a devastating problem, both in BC and abroad,” asserts Aseem Dosanjh, the 2016 President of the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia. “More than 80 people are killed each year in our province due to drivers being distracted. The high number of injuries and the number of people impacted by dangerous, reckless driving is too staggering to comprehend. Distracted driving has to stop. ”

The presentation to the DT Social Studies 11 classes included opening remarks from BC’s Minister of Justice, Attorney General Suzanne Anton, who is also the Member of the Legislative Assembly representing Vancouver-Fraserview, the constituency in which David Thompson Secondary School is located.